Certified quality     

Reliability and safety define the quality of our services and represent key success factors for long-term business relationships and satisfied customers. Thanks to our quality management, our company and business processes are subject to continuous further development. Independent external audits guarantee the validation of these developments. Our QM certifications according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, DIN ISO 14001:2015 and certification according to SQAS are the results of these validations.        
High-quality services can only be produced with well-trained specialists and a high-performance infrastructure. That is why the qualification of our employees and the vocational training of young people are an important priority in our company.

Training and driver workshops  

Regular driver workshops and training on topics such as load securing, dangerous goods or driving and social regulations are an integral part of our quality assurance.  

IT-based fleet management    

The GPS-controlled monitoring of all transport activities guarantees consistent quality of our transport services. 


We guarantee the quality and readiness of our fleet through our master workshop where all repair and maintenance tasks are performed. In addition, the vehicle inspection company DEKRA checks our quality.   


Our QM certifications according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, DIN ISO 14001:2015 and SQAS.    
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Innovative solutions for load securing   

The quality and safety of our transport and load securing systems are the result of a continuous improvement process. Thus, so-called Octabin load securing systems, for example, are now in standard use for load securing in all WEILKE vehicles. This approach saves time and energy in load securing at the loading point.

Our most recent innovation is the introduction of TRAFFIDECKTM GO anti-slip floors on semi-trailers, thus eliminating the need for the otherwise standard anti-slip mats. This provides additional safety and saves time during loading. The production of the TRAFFIDECKTM GO anti-slip floors occurs in our competence centre in Greven, also for other interested transport companies.
  • Octabin load securing system as a standard feature
  • Loading surfaces feature a new type of anti-slip floor
  • TRAFFIDECK™ GO competence centre

TRAFFIDECK™ GO anti-slip floor

By making use of anti-slip floors, anti-slip mats are no longer required.   

DEKRA test confirms function

Each semi-trailer has an individual test certificate from DEKRA concerning coefficients of friction. 

Octabin load securing system  

With the Octabin system, reversible slats, locking bars and perforated strips are obligatory